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Becoming aware of mind, body, emotions, and tensions and treating them with kindness and compassion

  • Breathing in and out, gently release any tension or discomfort from the body.

  • Breathing in, I calm my mind and breathing out I calm my feelings.  

  • Breathing in, I become aware of the parts of my body that feel well and breathing out, I embrace those parts.

  • Breathing in, I become aware of the parts of my body that are not feeling so okay today and I send my breath to those parts of the body that need a little more TLC today, breathing out I release any judgment that I have passed on those parts of the body.  

  • Breathing in, I embrace all parts of my body with kindness and compassion, breathing out I release anxieties and frustrations that nag at me, threaten to ruin my day, and impact my mood.

  • Breathing in, I cultivate a feeling of calmness and happiness, breathing out I rid myself of tensions about the past or the future and vow to stay in the present moment.

  • Breathing in, I become aware of any thoughts or painful feelings that continue to emerge through this breathing exercise, breathing out I acknowledge these thoughts and feelings with tenderness and care and without judgment.

  • Breathing in, I return to my present breath and breathing out I relieve myself from all other distractions.  

  • Breathing in, I breathe in, breathing out, I breathe out.  I repeat this quietly to myself for 2-3 more breaths before bringing my awareness back to my surrounding and noticing how I feel.

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