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Yoga can be incorporated into the elementary school day through individual exercises, which can be relaxing and therapeutic and provide students with skills that they can use at home or in the classroom when they are frustrated, tense, or angry.  

Yoga can be used in the classroom to build group morale either through partner poses or group poses as well as in a therapeutic environment helping to build trust between therapist and client.  One group/partner pose (rotating different partners) can be done in the beginning of the day or at the end of a day as a nice closing or morning exercise for the class.  Students are forced to interact with others they may not normally interact with in the classroom as well as become attuned to how each other feel.  The whole experience serves to unify the class, engage students interacting with each other, and create a sense of belonging within a community.  


Yoga can also be incorporated into the PE curriculum or during periods that students have time to move around the classroom or outside in the forms of fun activities and games.  In addition to PE, yoga can be incorporated into art as well.  Download the PDF to learn more about specific yoga poses, group and individual, as well as games and art activities that elementary school age students enjoy.   

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