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1).  Downward Facing Dog - Stretches out spinal muscles from long nights sleep or sitting at a desk.  Inversion position (head is lower than heart) - Increases blood flow to the brain awakening the mind and body.  Increases lung capacity (good for students with asthma).  Stabilizing posture with 4 limbs grounded and rooted onto the floor.

2).  Warrior I - —Increases leg muscle strength, stretching hip flexors and with gaze above and arms outstretched indicates an opening of the body and mind to whatever the day may bring. Whatever may happen, the yogi remains a fierce and powerful stable warrior.  

3).  Humble Warrior - —Intense shoulder stretch helps to relieve any built up tension or stress in the shoulders as the yogi folds forward, surrendering to what the day may bring; a humbling and energizing pose.

4).  Standing Position – Elephant Breathing - energizing breathing

5).  Goddess Pose - —This is an intense hip opener.  Any intense hip openers can help the yogi to become attuned with their emotional status of the day as well as being cathartic.  Hip openers can help with intense emotional release and with the yogi’s gaze forward and muscles of the legs engaged, this pose can be extremely empowering.

6).  Tree Pose - —With one foot firmly rooted on the ground, the yogi feels empowered by the balance, grounded and focused.  In addition, the opened leg provides an intense hip opener.  

7).  Bow Pose - —This exercise is empowering and calming as well as excellent at stimulating the intestines after a night’s sleep.  It can be very empowering for the rest of the day. 

8).  Camel Pose - .  It serves to stretch the entire front of the body including the thighs, groins, hip flexors, abdomen, chest, and throat muscles.  It also stimulates the abdominal and neck muscles, which is a bonus in the beginning of the day or after a period of stasis.

9).  Kneeling Pose – Practice Lion Breath (3X) - —Come to a kneeling posture or sitting on your heels (whichever is comfortable for the knees). Palms come to rest faced down on the knees.  Take an inhale as you subtly straighten both arms, being careful not to lock the elbows, and on an exhale open the mouth wide and make a fierce sound of a roaring lion. Roar out frustrations, tensions, anger, and negative thoughts!  Repeat 3X! (Can also practice Bunny Breathing (3X), and 3-part Breathing (3X).


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